Focus on Job Site Safety during National Safety Month & Beyond

Worksite safety is naturally a top priority for reputable U.S. construction companies. Job sites are inherently high-risk zones, with heavy machinery and potentially dangerous equipment in use nearly every day. Construction leadership must be vigilant to ensure proper safety protocols are strictly followed to avoid injury in the workplace.  

As June is National Safety Month, workplace safety is top of mind. This creates an excellent opportunity to have an open dialogue with your teams, and take inventory of current construction safety policies and procedures. Make it a goal to identify possible room for improvement. 

The National Safety Council (NSC) is encouraging all industries to prioritize workplace safety and has created an online pledge that individuals can sign as a commitment to keeping their workspaces safe.

Those who sign the pledge promise never to compromise their own safety or the safety of their co-workers to get the job done; to actively look for hazards, promptly report them and take appropriate action to warn others; and be a good safety role model for their friends and family, even when off the job.

We hope your construction teams will take the time to sign it, print it, and hang it in the workplace as a reminder to prioritize safety.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has added an entirely new dimension to the concept of workplace safety. Companies in every industry are figuring out what measures can be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To assist in this area, the NSC has developed return-to-work guidance, including a comprehensive list of helpful recommendations to tackle the spread of the virus: “Safe Actions for Employee Returns,” or SAFER.

For open industrial operations, the NSC recommends finding ways to increase physical distancing by expanding the perimeter of the workplace to allow for a greater space between employees. Another important guideline is to provide adequate PPE supplies, such as masks and gloves, to workers at all times. 

NSC also suggests employing healthcare personnel at job sites to provide professional health screening and testing services as needed. Some organizations may consider utilizing smartphone apps for employees to answer health-related questions prior to entering the job site. Companies should also consider creating a clear protocol for management in the event of a failed screening, including a plan to notify staff and appropriate public health authorities.

As a leading construction staffing company, SitePro Solutions understands the positive impact that proper safety training can make on the job. That’s why at SitePro we train all new personnel on workplace safety guidelines, COVID-19 precautions, provide employees face masks, and regularly offer ongoing safety training opportunities for current staff. We also provide training on working in the heat for workers in warmer climates, such as Arizona, during the summer months.

In addition to talented skilled trades professionals, SitePro can staff your job sites with janitorial staff to keep everyone safer from the spread of COVID-19. Contact us today to find out how SitePro Solutions can help you maximize job site safety. Let’s work to reduce the risk of workplace injuries, together.