Contingent Staffing for the Construction Industry

Right People, Right Time, Every Time

Site Pro Solutions offers more than two decades of experience in contingent staffing services for construction industry clients. With large-scale construction jobs, having the right people onsite when you need them is critical to keeping projects on-time and on-budget. SitePro Solutions will work with you to understand your project’s contingent needs for skilled trade workers and hand-select the best Phoenix-area professionals to fill your positions


SitePro’s extensive network of experienced electricians, cable technicians, carpenters, superintendents and project managers means we can fulfill your staffing needs for the entirety of your construction project.


With over a decade of experience, a personalized approach and a pool of skilled workers ready to jump in, we’re poised to effectively fulfill your contingent staffing needs.

The SitePro Difference

How do we consistently attract and retain excellent candidates to fill your positions? The answer is simple. We take good care of them, with personal communication, ongoing guidance and education, and dedicated, flexible services that make their lives easier. This allows us to attract a more professional, reliable and responsible pool to meet your construction staffing needs.


Bottom line, we’re not a website. We’re a real team of staffing pros with deep commitment to both our clients and employees, and the expertise to bring people together for optimum productivity and satisfaction.

Find the Right Candidates Today

Learn why so many Arizona companies rely on our construction industry contigent staffing services. Contact SitePro Solutions and talk to our experience account managers about your project’s staffing needs.