4 Ways a Staffing Partner Can Find You Experienced Cable Techs

A staffing partner can find you experienced cable techs to fill your hiring needs. They use their vast cable tech network and thorough screening process to send you a shortlist of qualified candidates.

A staffing partner offers flexible options to fill your unique cable tech hiring needs. These options help save time and money and reduce risk when hiring.

Discover four ways a staffing partner can find you experienced cable techs.

1. Vast Network of Experienced Cable Tech Candidates

A staffing partner that specializes in the low-voltage cabling and telecommunication industry has relationships with experienced cable tech candidates. Therefore, working with the staffing partner provides you access to their vast, deep network of active and passive candidates.  

Experienced cable tech candidates regularly are added to the staffing partner’s network. As a result, you can access these candidates when needed.

2. Streamlined Cable Tech Screening

A staffing partner that places cable techs reviews resumes, interviews candidates, and provides skills testing. The staffing partner also verifies employment, conducts background checks, and contacts references to vet the cable techs’ skills and experience. Plus, you can request additional screening to fill your specialized needs.

Accessing vetted cable techs saves you time and money in the hiring process. You can interview a few carefully selected candidates, extend a job offer, and begin onboarding and training in less time than sourcing and screening candidates yourself.

3. Shortlist of Qualified Cable Techs

A staffing partner sends you background information about a few cable tech candidates whose knowledge, skills, and experience fit your hiring criteria. Then, you review the information to determine which candidates to interview.  

You work with the staffing partner to schedule cable tech interviews. After completing the interviews, you either request additional candidates or extend a job offer.

The staffing partner negotiates the job offer on behalf of the cable tech candidate. The staffing partner also assists with onboarding and regularly follows up to ensure your complete satisfaction.

You can request a replacement cable tech within a set timeframe if you are not fully satisfied with the cable tech’s performance. Reducing the risk of a bad hire saves time and money on hiring and increases employee retention.

4. Flexible Options to Hire Experienced Cable Techs

A staffing partner provides flexible options to fill your unique cable tech hiring needs:

  • Contract cable techs work for a set period. This option is best for project work and other short-term needs.
  • Contract-to-hire cable techs work for a set period and can be offered permanent employment. This option can be used to evaluate a cable tech’s performance and fit with your company’s culture before potentially extending a full-time job offer.
  • Direct-hire cable techs start working as full-time employees upon hiring. This option is best when you need to hire a cable tech for long-term employment.  

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