Construction Safety Training Trends for 2023

Working in the construction industry involves substantial risk of injuries. These risks involve operating heavy machinery and working at high elevations. As a result, ongoing construction safety training is essential.

Following health and safety procedures helps workers safely complete their tasks. Keeping up with construction safety training trends helps ensure that safety processes align with the hazards workers face.

Implement these construction safety training trends to your business for 2023.

Prioritize Safety Training

Regularly provide safety training for construction workers. Showing workers how to safely operate job-related tools and equipment helps them effectively carry out tasks. It also reduces the likelihood of accidents.

Because everyone processes information in different ways, software often is used to facilitate construction safety training. Workers can benefit from a variety of interactive courses.

For instance, construction workers can learn to use a mobile app to communicate with each other as they report hazards. They also can access health and safety documents from one location to learn about new safety procedures.

Regularly engaging in construction safety training encourages workers to communicate risks. This creates a safer work environment.

Provide Wearable Devices

Wristbands, helmets, and other wearable devices monitor construction workers’ safety. They can monitor health metrics such as temperature, heart rate, and physical exertion level, then send alerts to workers and management as needed. The worker can take a break, correct their posture, or adjust their equipment to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Monitor Workers’ Mental Health

Most construction workers suffer from mental health concerns. The substantial workloads, loss of work during the pandemic, and increasing cost of living are among the most common reasons. As a result, dealing with mental health challenges often leads to alcohol consumption, non-prescription drug use, and self-harm.

Many construction workers in leadership roles talk about their experiences with mental health issues. This creates a safe space to improve mental health throughout the workforce and industry.

Openly discussing mental health for construction workers helps destigmatize the issue. It also encourages workers to seek help when needed.

Many construction firms provide risk assessments for workers’ mental health. This may include sharing resources regarding mental health and offering trained peer support.

Increase On-site Communication

Many construction teams begin the day with a morning briefing where management reinforces safety procedures. These briefings let workers share their concerns about the effectiveness of the procedures and any hazards that must be discussed.

Collecting real-time data with cloud-based software helps provide greater insight into onsite health and safety. This helps management teams provide workers with a clearer picture of the strengths and areas of improvement in construction sites.

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