Construction Staffing: How to Ensure Flexibility for Projects of Any Size

Construction staffing helps ensure flexibility for projects of any size. This flexibility is especially important as the shortage of skilled workers and tradespeople continues to grow.

The 2023 Construction Spending and Employment Forecast by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) anticipated the need to attract approximately 546,000 workers to meet demand. However, many construction employers lack the time and budget to hire employees.

Fortunately, you can work with a construction staffing agency to ensure projects of any size are completed on time and within the budget.  

Discover how construction staffing helps ensure flexibility for projects of any size.

On-Demand Access to Skilled Construction Workers

The 2022 Workforce Survey Analysis by Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and Autodesk found that 93% of firms reported trying to fill open positions. Also, 91% of firms were having difficulty filling specific positions, especially for craft workers who perform the majority of onsite construction work.

Advertising for open positions, reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, performing background checks, and extending job offers take significant time and money. As a result, you could lose top candidates to your competitors, further increasing your candidate search.

In contrast, partnering with a construction staffing agency provides you with access to skilled workers when you need them. Because these workers already were interviewed, vetted, and tested, they come to you ready to produce.

Scalable Construction Staffing Solutions

Delays to large-scale construction projects have been increasing since the coronavirus pandemic. Unplanned construction worker shortages and turnover impact productivity and the bottom line.

Fortunately, partnering with a construction staffing agency helps quickly fill open positions. You gain skilled construction workers who can safely and efficiently keep your projects on track and within budget.

Construction Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

 Partnering with a construction staffing agency provides you with access to industry knowledge, skills, and expertise. The recruiter you work with thoroughly understands the construction industry, types of workers, necessary skills, job market, and other relevant details to help fill your staffing needs. Because the agency has an extensive network, the recruiter can provide you with skilled and general laborers and tradespeople to help complete projects of any size.    

Local Relationships with National Reach

The rollout of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is impacting the construction industry throughout the United States. However, construction worker availability varies by area.

Fortunately, partnering with a construction staffing agency provides you with flexibility for projects of any size throughout the country. You gain on-the-ground support from an agency with local roots and a nationwide footprint.

Because the construction staffing agency has relationships in your area, you work with a recruiter who understands your local market, needs, challenges, and resources. Therefore, the recruiter can source the most qualified talent to fill your staffing needs.  

Since the construction staffing agency offers services on a nationwide scale, the agency can support your projects in multiple locations. Therefore, you can work with one agency to staff multiple projects.

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