Explore the Non-Financial Benefits of Contract-to-Hire

Contract-to-hire is a short-term role that could lead to a full-time job. The candidate has a set time to demonstrate their performance. Then, the employer can decide whether to offer permanent employment.

The non-financial benefits of contract-to-hire include fast hiring, short-term performance evaluation, and increased quality of hire. As a result, you should consider offering contract-to-hire roles to enhance your workforce.

Explore the non-financial benefits of contract-to-hire to determine whether you should offer these roles.

Quickly Hire a Contract-to-Hire Worker

A contract-to-hire worker can be quickly hired, onboarded, and trained. Because the worker might remain with your company short-term, they should begin producing in a short time. If you decide to extend a permanent job offer, you can extend the onboarding process and provide regular training.

Evaluate the Contract-to-Hire Worker’s Performance

Use the contract period to determine the contract-to-hire worker’s fit with your company’s culture and the value provided. Then, decide whether the worker should become a permanent team member.

For instance, focus on how the contract-to-hire worker’s knowledge, skills, and experience benefit your team. Also, pay attention to how well the worker interacts with your employees. Additionally, consider the contract-to-hire worker’s contributions, results, and impact on your organization. Use these factors to determine whether to extend the worker a full-time job offer.  

Determine the Contract-to-Hire Worker’s Compatibility with the Role

Contract-to-hire lets you test the worker’s suitability for the role and your organization. You gain insight into the worker’s ability to carry out the job duties and responsibilities, collaborate with teammates and coworkers, and complete tasks on time.

If the contract-to-hire worker meets or exceeds your goals and expectations, you can offer them a permanent job when the contract period ends. If not, you can let them move on to another assignment as you look for another contract-to-hire worker who might be a better fit.

Increase Your Quality of Hire

Treat the contract period of contract-to-hire as a working interview. For instance, test the worker’s fit with your culture, team, and workforce. Also, evaluate the contract-to-hire worker’s accomplishments while working for you. Then, consider whether you would like the worker to permanently join your team.

Evaluating a contract-to-hire worker’s performance before potentially extending a permanent job offer saves time and reduces risk in the hiring process. These factors increase your quality of hire.

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