How a Staffing Partner Can Help with the Ebbs and Flows of Skilled Trades Projects

The skilled trades industry’s cyclic nature provides firms with unique challenges. As a result, many firms work with a staffing partner to help with the ebbs and flows of skilled trades and construction projects.

Major economic events, weather, and regional demand impact the cyclical demand for skilled labor. Therefore, firms require flexibility in workforce management.

Understanding the Skilled Trades & Construction Cycles

Each of the five phases of a construction project has different staffing requirements:

1. Planning requires the project manager and their team to evaluate the project requirements, objectives, and feasibility and create a project budget.

2. Design involves the project manager hiring contractors and establishing the team structure and each worker’s responsibilities.

3. Procurement requires coordinating team members to meet the project cost estimates and completion dates.

4. Construction involves the project manager, contractors, subcontractors, and workers performing their duties.

5. Closeout is when the project manager surveys the structure, works with the contractors and subcontractors to correct any errors, finalizes the project documents, and transfers ownership to the client.

Impact of Weather on Projects

Weather events can severely impact construction projects. For instance, the effects of floods, tornadoes, and other major weather events can disrupt regional supply chains and distribution capabilities. These effects can last for days, weeks, or months. As a result, securing the materials and workers required to complete construction projects can be challenging and costly. Prepping for Seasonal Demands

Construction projects typically slow down in areas with harsh winters and pick up with the warm summer weather. Despite the predictability of this seasonal impact, many construction firms have difficulty hiring skilled workers when needed. As a result, these firms often work with a staffing partner to fill their open roles.

Value of a Construction & Skilled Trades Staffing Partner

Working with a staffing partner provides a tailored solution to help with the ebbs and flows of skilled trades and construction projects. Construction firms can maintain agile workforces and adapt to changing needs for skilled labor.

A staffing partner provides construction firms access to a national network of qualified, vetted candidates to fill any role throughout a project. These candidates can be placed in contract, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire roles and begin producing when needed. As a result, construction firms gain skilled workers to match project needs throughout any project phase.

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