How to Land Qualified HVAC Technicians for Your Team This Summer

Hiring skilled workers during the labor shortage can be challenging. This is especially true for HVAC technicians.

Because HVAC technicians are in high demand, you may be having difficulty attracting and retaining them. This impacts productivity, revenue, and the bottom line.

Fortunately, you can take steps to find and keep experienced HVAC technicians. The following suggestions can help.

Implement these tips to land qualified HVAC technicians for your team this Summer.

1.     Emphasize Your Employer Brand

Display your company’s identity and reputation. This includes its mission, vision, and values and how they are carried out. It also involves the perception of your company’s history, leaders, products and services, and employee experience.  

Most HVAC technicians look at an employer’s brand when deciding where to apply for work. These technicians tend to apply at organizations that actively manage their brands.

Tips to emphasize your employer brand include:

  • Align your company’s core values with its work policies. For instance, a family-owned business should have family-friendly work policies.
  • Continuously share your employer value proposition (EVP). This lets current and potential employees know what they receive in exchange for their knowledge, skills, experience, contributions, and results.
  • Offer flexibility. Provide a flexible schedule and significant paid time off.
  • Stay active on social media. Share company information, post job openings, and engage with candidates.
  • Feature employee testimonials, awards, and certifications on your website. Show why employees enjoy working for your organization.
  • Create a positive candidate experience. This includes a quick hiring process, ongoing communication, and competitive compensation and benefits.  
  • Provide a meaningful onboarding experience. This helps new hires feel valued and respected as they acclimate to the organization.
  • Implement employee feedback. Happy employees are likely to write positive employer reviews and refer members of their network.
  • Encourage career development. Offer professional development and opportunities to secure promotions.

2. Display Your Company Culture

Share on your website, social media pages, and marketing materials how your organization carries out its mission, vision, and values. Ensure your culture is displayed in a sincere, positive manner that promotes growth. Include why your employees enjoy coming to work each day.

Tips to display your company culture include:

  • Use candidate-focused language. Examples include supportive, innovative, and rewarding.
  • Highlight what makes your employees happy. For instance, you might hold team-building activities every month to promote camaraderie and collaboration.
  • Describe your office location or design. This might include being near popular cafes, restaurants, and bars.
  •  Emphasize career development. Include opportunities for training and promotions.

3.     Work with a Staffing Company

A staffing company such as SitePro Solutions that specializes in the HVAC industry offers access to a national network of qualified, vetted candidates who can fill any role throughout the duration of a project. We offer contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire candidates to help you find the right HVAC technicians at the right time.

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