Important Skills To Look For In HVAC Technicians In 2023

Residential and commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems require trained technicians to install, maintain, and repair them. These professionals are skilled at troubleshooting and resolving issues.

Knowing which skills to look for when hiring HVAC technicians is essential for your company’s success. Adding qualified technicians to your team who provide top customer service leads to repeat business, referrals, and a stronger bottom line.

Look for these important skills in HVAC technicians in 2023.

Time Management

Helping multiple customers in a day requires effective time management skills. Therefore, an HVAC technician must be able to follow a schedule and solve customer problems within the timeframes. The technician also must take adequate breaks to maintain focus and engagement.


Because every situation is different, every problem has a different solution. Therefore, an HVAC technician must adapt their approach to fit the circumstances and issue.

For instance, the technician should engage in continuing education to learn about advances in HVAC technology, components, and best practices to perform their best work. The technician also should be familiar with multiple brands of HVAC systems to resolve more issues for more customers.


An HVAC technician spends a significant amount of time speaking with customers and supervisors. Having ongoing conversations reduces misunderstandings and errors while completing quality work.

The ability to write reports about the services provided during an appointment is essential. The reports help other technicians understand the tasks completed in case future issues arise. These technicians can use the information to troubleshoot and solve problems.

Active Listening

The ability to actively listen to each customer to fully understand and resolve an issue is important for an HVAC technician. The technician should ask follow-up questions and restate what they heard to help clarify the issue.

For instance, the technician might ask about the noises the customer heard from the HVAC system or whether there were any signs of a problem occurring. Then, the technician can begin resolving the issue.

Attention to Detail

Since there are a variety of small parts used in HVAC systems, paying attention to detail is essential for the system to work. A clear understanding of the system’s blueprints and schematics also is needed to troubleshoot and solve problems.


Part of being an HVAC technician involves troubleshooting and solving problems. This process requires analyzing every angle of the issue and determining the most effective resolution. If there are multiple solutions, the technician must use their best judgment to implement the best one.  

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