Navigating The Skills Gap: Addressing Workforce Shortages In The Construction Industry

As workforce shortages in the construction industry continue to increase, the skills gap grows wider. Because construction firms need more skilled workers, they must take steps to improve the situation.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Q4 2021 Commercial Construction Index, 62% of contractors could not find skilled workers. Also, Statista reported that the U.S. Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for 2021-2023 ranged from 3% to 6%, indicating a shortage of workers looking for jobs.

As a result, construction firms must train their current employees to develop the necessary skills to take on additional projects. These firms also must take steps to retain their employees to continue moving the business forward.

Implement these tips to address the skills gap and workforce shortages in the construction industry.

Partner with Local Schools

Work with local high schools, technical schools, colleges, and universities to create programs that encourage students to start working in construction. For instance, you can educate these students on what to expect from a career with your company. You also can offer courses, summer jobs, and apprenticeships to attract students who want to develop specialized skills to excel in the industry. Then, you can hire these students when their education and training are complete.

Increase Your Hiring Efforts

Proactively recruit construction workers with the skills your team will need for upcoming projects. For instance, you might participate in job fairs or share your job ads online to promote engagement with your firm.

Be sure to clarify the job duties, responsibilities, requirements, and task difficulties to attract qualified candidates. Properly setting expectations increases the likelihood of hiring the right candidates and having them remain long-term.

Train Your Existing Employees

Implement training programs for your current employees to develop the skills needed to take on additional projects. Upskilling your employees helps keep your employees engaged and productive. Also, helping your employees advance their careers increases loyalty among your workforce.  

Ongoing training lets your employees learn about and use new materials, construction methods, and equipment, while remaining compliant with building codes. Regular training also keeps your company dynamic, innovative, and competitive.

Work with a Staffing Firm

Partner with a staffing firm that specializes in the construction industry. Gain access to vetted, qualified candidates who can fill the necessary roles throughout the project duration.

The staffing firm sends you a few select candidates to interview. You decide which candidate to hire, then negotiate a job offer with the recruiter working on behalf of the candidate. When the offer is approved and the paperwork is completed, the employee can begin working on the project.

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