Trends to Be Aware of in the Construction Industry in 2024

The construction industry has exciting trends to be aware of in 2024. Many of these trends focus on mental health support for construction workers and the increasing use of technology to benefit project sites.

The growing implementation of mental health support is essential for construction workers’ quality of life and work performance. Also, the elevated use of technology helps increase safety and efficiency at project sites. These practices help keep projects on schedule and within the budget for a stronger bottom line.

Discover the construction industry trends to be aware of in 2024.

Greater Support for Construction Workers’ Mental Health

The prioritization of mental health in the construction industry supports a better quality of life for workers. Increasing awareness and support for mental health leads to happier, more fulfilled workers and higher-quality projects.

Rising Use of Drones for Construction Analytics

Drones can navigate construction sites to gather project analytics. For instance, drones can inspect project sites to provide accurate measurements and data. This process significantly increases safety for site inspectors.  

Increasing Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Construction

Artificial intelligence (AR) helps bring office-based information to construction sites. For instance, many teams use 3D models to ensure constructability and maintainability as they walk through project sites. Also, the integration of AR and communication processes supports collaboration between the construction office and project sites.

Leveraging data gathered through AI helps elevate quality assurance and quality control at construction sites. The use of this data also helps eliminate duplication and increase project efficiencies for better project outcomes.

Elevated Impact of Predictive Analytics in the Construction Industry

Predictive analytics help construction workers proactively identify potential project issues. Using data and advanced analytics tools helps workers find solutions before these problems occur.

Growing Popularity of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Construction

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are being used with site scanning devices to improve visualization and data capture on construction sites. These technologies also are used to improve simulation, training, and onsite safety. Plus, AR and VR can help provide readily accessible data to increase efficiency and precision on project sites.

Growing Popularity of Robotics in the Construction Industry

Construction robots help increase safety metrics, efficiency, work quality, and cost savings on project sites. As more of these robots are used, additional construction workers will receive training to interact and work with them.  

Ongoing Adaptation to the Construction Staffing Shortage

Many construction firms are investing in education and training programs for their employees. Upskilling their current workforce is a common response to the shortage of skilled construction workers.

Prefabricated construction helps ease the skilled labor shortage. Assembling some or all of the components at a location other than the building site and transporting them helps save time, materials, and labor costs.  

Investment in automation helps reduce the need for construction workers to complete tasks. This process also increases accuracy and time to delivery.

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