Utilizing Staffing Agencies to Reduce Risk

With 2020 construction activity picking back up, construction staffing agencies are seeing a steady increase in nationwide demand for plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians, cable technicians, and various management positions. The skilled trade labor shortage is still in effect, meaning getting the right people onsite at large-scale construction jobs can be challenging. 

So, how do you solve your talent shortage in stressful times? Engage with a construction staffing agency such as SitePro Solutions. Agencies understand your need for skilled workers is ever changing, time sensitive, and sometimes risky business. That’s exactly why construction staffing agencies are helpful – they take on the risk for you AND get you the vetted, skilled labor you need – fast. 

Payroll Management Services

With the exception of direct-hire services, staffing agencies have the ability to keep personnel on in-house payroll management systems, giving you the peace of mind that comes with reducing your full-time employee (FTE) headcount. FTEs are not only a substantial financial investment, but they also increase your company’s liability risk – especially during times of crisis. 

“Letting an agency handle payroll, in addition to health benefits and unemployment insurance, can help you reduce your personnel-related investment and mitigate any associated risks,” says Lacey Warren, Business Development Manager for SitePro Solutions

Bringing in new employees on a temp-to-hire basis is more cost efficient in the long run, allowing you to test skills and culture fit before making a full-time hire. This way, you’re only investing in FTEs that have a proven track record on your job sites, and who are a long-term fit for your future construction needs.

Expedited Hiring Process

Between recruiting, interviewing, vetting and training, the hiring process can be time intensive. There’s a lot of upfront work involved in building a great team. Allowing an agency to handle the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process for you will free up your time to focus on building your projects. 

“We recognize that some construction companies prefer to have internal recruiting teams to find new talent. When our clients bring candidates to the table, we can still save them time and money by carrying these employees on our payroll at a reduced cost to the client,” says Brandon Lampert, Director of Business Development for SitePro Solutions

When clients find their own candidates, they’re exempt from standard contract-to-hire stipulations and minimum hourly requirements. In fact, many agencies have noticed clients prefer to choose their own candidates, especially for project management roles, then leave the rest to the agency team for a quick 48-hour turnaround including background screening, licensure validation, onboarding and training. 

That way, if your employment needs eventually change, the agency is responsible for taking care of the offboarding process as well.

Choosing the Best Agency Partner

Each construction staffing agency offers their own specialties. With more than two decades of experience in the construction staffing industry, SitePro Solutions specializes in experienced electricians, cable technicians, HVAC techs, plumbers, carpenters, superintendents and project managers. SitePro has built an extensive nationwide network of skilled tradespeople, allowing the team to place highly skilled candidates within 48 hours. 

For personalized staffing solutions, get to know the SitePro Solutions team and learn how we can keep your ground-up projects moving forward on time and on budget. Contact one of our business development managers today about your staffing needs by calling 602-633-0420 or visiting SiteProSolutions.com.

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