Why Work with a Temp Agency?

Do you have skills you’d like to put to use in the construction industry, but aren’t having success finding the right full-time position? The good news is, construction companies are indeed still building and hiring. However, many companies opt to partner with temporary staffing agencies like SitePro Solutions to do their headhunting, interviewing and hiring for them. 

There are many reasons construction companies may choose to work with a staffing firm. Some may prefer to staff a lean in-house human resources department, and allow us to handle the time-consuming process of finding the right talent, and onboarding new employees. Also, during periods of economic uncertainty, many companies wish to keep as few full-time employees (FTEs) on payroll as possible. Relying heavily on temps reduces their potential risk, and allows them to remain adaptable as construction activity ebbs and flows. 

Hiring temporary, part-time employees (PTEs) through a staffing firm is a smart way for construction companies to keep the right amount of people working on their projects for the right amount of time.

Research shows that about half of the country’s temporary employees use it as a means to find a traditional full-time position. The other half of do it because they enjoy the variety, work experience, or supplemental income they earn from temping.

How it Works

If you’ve never worked with a construction staffing agency like SitePro, here’s what you need to know. 

We usually handle the recruiting, interviewing, screening, and training of new employees for our construction clients. However, there are some companies that prefer to find their own candidates, and then refer them to us to complete the onboarding process for them.

If you were contracted to work for a construction company through us, you would technically be a SitePro employee. Most of our placements are temp-to-perm, with the end goal of permanent, full-time employment. Of course, some opportunities are direct hire, and others remain exclusively temporary positions.

For our temp-to-perm placements, you would remain a SitePro employee for at least the first 90 days, at which point our client would have the option to hire you on as a permanent employee. Until that time, you’d stay on our payroll, and we would manage any additional benefits for which you may be eligible. 

To give you an idea of how long you’d be on a particular job, most of our ground-up construction assignments need temporary employees to work for anywhere from two to six months at a time. If a temporary placement doesn’t result in a full-time job, rest assured we can still keep you busy by placing you on a future job in short order.

Perks of Temping

In an uncertain economy, we can find you a foot in the door with reputable companies who wouldn’t necessarily entertain applications from outside sources. We’re hired to fill temporary positions that aren’t publicly posted for you to even submit an application. Our established relationships can give you access to some of the best construction companies in the industry.

If a company is hesitant to hire FTEs right out of the gate, that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a full-time opportunity for yourself by doing great work and showing a strong work ethic. Our clients are far more likely to hire someone they know to be a trusted, reliable, skilled worker rather than just any applicant.

Once you’ve completed the interview and screening process, we can get you on the job quickly. Most of our clients are eager to get workers on site immediately, so we do our best to expedite the hiring process to meet their needs. 

The right employment opportunity should be a good match. This means that you should enjoy working for a company as much as they like having you on the job. Working as a temp can allow you to gain valuable experience with a variety of top construction companies before deciding to accept a full-time position.

Benefits Packages

At SitePro Solutions, we pride ourselves in offering competitive weekly pay and excellent training to our employees. After 30 days of full-time employment, you’ll also be eligible for health insurance benefits, and have access to a 401k retirement savings program.

Whether you’re an experienced skilled trades worker looking for the next step in your career, or an entry-level applicant considering a future in construction, we’d love to hear from you. Contact SitePro at 602-633-0420, or visit our Jobs page to browse open positions around the country.

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